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İTÜ Office of the Dean of Research


In today's world where technological competition is at the forefront, R&D is of critical importance in developing innovative products and ideas for enabling countries to be at the top of this race.  ITU is one of the most significant R&D institutions in Turkey, due to its scientific background, young and dynamic students, expert academicians and research infrastructure. Dean’s Office of Research (ARDEK) is established for building a firm structure for organization of all research activities in ITU, in order to push the boundaries of ITU’s performance in both national and international fronts.

ITU ARDEK is responsible for following and announcing new research policies. Besides being a decision-making unit, ARDEK also assists in a wide range of academic topics beyond research. Dean’s Office supports in-school and out-of-school application and research centers, laboratories, institutes and centers in regulation of their research scope, direction, administration and resource allocation.

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YÖK Outstanding Achievement Awards

İTÜ has received YÖK Outstanding Achievement Awards 3 times.

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TÜBİTAK Science Awards

İTÜ has received TÜBITAK Science Awards 29 times.

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TÜBİTAK Science and Incentive Awards

İTÜ has received TÜBITAK Science and Incentive Awards 53 times.

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İTÜ has received TÜBITAK GEBİP Awards 20 times.

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TÜBİTAK Service Awards

İTÜ has received TUBITAK Service Awards 23 times.

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