Nowadays, when technological competition is at the forefront, R&D is of great importance in revealing products and ideas that are the result of an original and creative process with high added value, which will allow countries to rank at the top of this race. ITU is one of the most important institutions that can lead R&D and innovation with its scientific knowledge, potential of young and dynamic students, experts and academics, and research infrastructure. In this context, in order to move our university forward at the national and international level in the field of RESEARCH, which is one of the most important components of our university, a new structure was made in the field of research and the Deanship of Research (ARDEK) was established.

ITU ARDEK will be responsible for following and announcing new research policies. As a unit with decision-making authority, ARDEK will assist in a wide range of academic matters beyond research. Deanery; It will support in-school and out-of-school application research centers, laboratories, institutes and centers to use the program scope, current developments, direction, administration and resources correctly.


ARDEK was established to transform Istanbul Technical University into a research-based university, to facilitate the research and development ecosystem, to provide rapid support for resource needs, and to provide guidance and financial support to ensure sustainability.


• Encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research and innovation

• To assume a reliable role by accelerating coordination between universities, public institutions and industry;

• Diversity of ideas, internal and external research and development culture, and supporting emerging and groundbreaking technologies within the framework of the university's entrepreneurship environment.