I.                PURPOSE and SCOPE

Article 1. The purpose of these principles is to determine the methods and principles for determining the tasks and principles of the Award Commission, whose main responsibility is awarding the international publications published by the faculty and research staff working at Istanbul Technical University (ITU).


Article 2. The Award Commission consists of eight members from the faculty members working in the faculties and institutes of ITU, selected by the Rector to serve for a period of two years, from the fields of Science, Engineering, Architecture, Social Sciences and Arts.

A member whose term of office has expired can be reassigned. New member(s) are elected by the Rector to replace the members who leave before the expiry of their term for any reason. A faculty member appointed by the Rector acts as the rapporteur of the Award Commission upon the recommendation of the chairman of the commission, however the rapporteur does not participate in the voting.

Article 3. The Award Commission gathers and examines the publication/work applied for the award as specified in Article 12 in terms of compliance with these principles and submits its decision to the Rector's Office. The Award Commission finalizes their decision by majority voting. The Award Commission submits its proposals to the Rectorate on the monetary amount of the awards, the annual award budget and, if necessary, amendments to the award principles. The commission meets at the call of its chairman and at the place to be notified by them. The secretariat is carried out by the unit assigned by the Rector.


Article 4. - International publications to be evaluated by the ITU Award Commission are handled under two sections.

1.     Publications in journals scanned in Web of Science; only full text articles excluding case presentation, technical note, preliminary announcement of discussion and research results, letter to the editor, short communication etc.

2.     Patents obtained from to the work done at ITU. Patents B1, B2 and B3 divided into three categories.

B1 - International Patents (USA, Europe or Japan)

B2 - Patents with National Examination

B3 - Other International Patents


Article 5. – For the monetary amount of the award to be given per international publication (Article 4.A), the following formula is used.

Prize Amount:

a) If MEP >=20, 3*(1.000+MEP*1.000) TL

b) If 15 <= MEP < 20, 2.5*(1.000+MEP*1.000) TL

c) If 10 <= MEP < 15, 2*(1.000+MEP*1.000) TL

d) If 5 <= MEP < 10, 1,5*(1.000+MEP*1.000) TL

e) If MEP <5, 1.000+(MEP*1.000) TL

MEP: Article impact score published by TUBITAK

Patent (Article 4.B) Incentive Amounts:

Patent                   Amount ( TL )

    B1                      9,000

    B2                      4.500

    B3                      2,700


Article 6. - In order for a faculty member to be awarded for his published publication within the scope of Article 4, they must have done a significant part of the studies that are the basis of this publication at ITU, and as the name of the institution in the publication; Istanbul Technical University (ITU) or Technical University of Istanbul (ITU) or Istanbul Technical University (ITU) must be included.

Article 7. - The publication is awarded at the year it is published. However, when an application is made for a publication published in the previous year, this publication is rewarded with the award amount of the year it is published. Older publications will not be considered.

Article 8. - For the patents obtained in the same year or the previous year (Article 4.B), apart from the procedures to be carried out within the framework of the relevant legislation, the academic staff or researchers whose names are written in the Patent Document have carried out the studies that led to the obtaining of the patent in question, within the framework of these principles. is given.

Article 9. - A publication incentive application is made if the accession number (WOS) of the relevant article is included in the "Web of Science" database. Applications cannot be made for publications that have been printed but do not have a WOS number.

Article 10. - Those who left ITU for any reason other than shameful crimes, within two years from the date of leaving, in addition to the condition of fulfilling the conditions specified in Article 6 and Article 7, Article 8 for patents and Article 9 for articles, can benefit from the incentive if they also meet the conditions specified in the article.

Article 11. - In publications (or inventions) with more than one author, the amount of the prize is distributed equally among all authors. However, the share of the authors who are not employed at ITU are not paid the corresponding amount of the awards, these awards remain in the Award Budget.

Article 12. – In case the publication is based on a graduate thesis, the amount to be paid to the thesis advisor is 1.25 times the incentive amount to be determined according to Article 5. The coefficient of 1.25 does not apply to co-advisors.


Article 13. Those who wish to benefit from the award program initiate the electronic application process on the web page of the ITU Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Unit for their publications that meet the conditions in these Principles.


Article 14. - In matters not foreseen in these principles, the Rector of ITU takes the opinion of the Award Commission into account.

Article 15. The decisions of the Award Commission come into effect after they are approved by the Rectorate.


Article 16. The publication incentive awards determined by the ITU Rectorate are paid by the ITU Foundation. The award proposal is made by the Rectorate upon the application of the author. The amount of incentives determined by the ITU Rectorate is realized by the decision of the ITU Development Foundation Board of Directors as the “ITU FOUNDATION PUBLICATION INCENTIVE AWARD”.


Article 17. - These principles are established on the date they are accepted by the University Senate and these principles are executed by the ITU Rector.