With the help of all our faculty members, lecturers, students and administrative staff; a new management model is being adopted for coordinating external and internal resources for creating new knowledge, making new discoveries, and addressing scientific and technical challenges, with the aim of making Istanbul Technical University a world-class research university.

ARDEK, the Dean’s Office of Research established within the framework of the principle of academic diversity and interoperability, sets out with the objective of supporting all researchers and research activities in structuring, developing and coordinating the correct methods of scientific inquiry. Today's research-based universities that aim to produce original perspective and high-quality outputs, should strive to produce, develop and disseminate original knowledge, and should take it as their duty to produce valuable outputs for the future by addressing the important challenges the world is facing. As Turkey's first technical university that has been leading science and research for centuries, we appreciate the value of all research from basic sciences to engineering applications and we are aware of the importance of not only the privilege of academic originality, but also the responsibility for striving for excellence, and we consider it our duty to conduct research with ethics and integrity.

Prof. Dr. Altan Çakır